2. G. Loomis GLX Bass Casting Rod – Best Overall Casting Rod

Where we have a tendency to had the fishing rod on top of, this can be its casting counterpart.

Most everything aforementioned that rod might be said regarding the casting one however you’ll be able to sometimes get additional distance with heavier lures with this one. on verity best, that depends on however you prefer to fish.

Like the fishing rod, the new GLX Casting rod is lighter by regarding twentieth than previous GLX models however thirtieth stronger than its ancestors. it’s even as sensitive to bites however exerts power a touch totally different than the fishing rod. betting on the action you get, you’ll notice additional upward force on the casting model, presumably because of its thicker, additional sturdy taper.

Following the third recommend

  • far casting with good line5.0
  • best power for pulling4.0
  • Casts heavy5.0
  • Costly4.0

Rods are all roughly within the seven to 7 and a foot vary and every one are either quick or extra-fast action. Power ranges from medium to extra-heavy and, reckoning on the model, you'll get line weights within the mid-teens to the mid-20s. whereas what works for you ought to be the guide however a recommendation would be a rod within the seven and a [*fr1] foot aim quick with a medium-heavy power. Line weight ought to be within the mid-teens around.

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4.5Overall Score

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