3. St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Casting Rod – good Tournament Casting Rod

St. Croix titles themselves the simplest rods on earth and that they don’t seem to be far flung. For years they need created rods that have won championships and hauled in additional bass than the other whole. If you check any hardcore bass fanatics tackle area, you’re nearly bound to realize one. whereas they don’t take initial place here, the margin is extremely slender.

A rod is just pretty much as good as its parts and producing and St. Croix nailed that down years agone. exploitation the foremost recent developments in carbon technology, their Legend series is a lot of versatile, stronger, and a lot of sturdy than any rod created in years past. this is often matched with corrosion-resistant hardware associate degreed a really sturdy cork handle to form a rod that might become an heirloom.

All St. Croix rods are U.S. created by a number of the best craftsmen creating rods these days. What they manufacture could be a straight casting rod that masses utterly and slings a bait as so much as you’ll want it to travel. With their Poly Curve technology, once the hook sets, the rod flexes utterly to stay the pressure right wherever you would like it. tho’ this rod alone won’t catch a bass you’ll take care you won’t lose a bass due to this rod.


  • Premium Price7.0
  • Selection of Models8.0
  • Durable for a Graphite Rod10.0

These rods begin a touch keep of seven feet and attend nearly ten feet and are available in actions from quick to additional fast. For power, they're all on the higher finish from medium up to additional serious. If you're once bass alone, an honest alternative could be a rod within the seven and a 0.5 foot home in medium serious with a quick action. one thing that may take line within the high teens to low 20s. There are a pair of models that may match this profile.

8.3Overall Score

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