5. Abu Garcia Fantasista Premier Casting Rod – Best Bang for your Buck Casting Rod

Though it’s seemingly that Abu Garcia is best glorious for his or her outstanding baitcasting reels their matching casting rods are even as merit respect.

This respect is well merited and laborious won however that shouldn’t be shocking. Abu Garcia has been creating wonderful rig for nearly a century currently.

When it involves construction, carbon fiber could be a laborious material to beat. Most of the premium rods use C that tends to be a touch a lot of sensitive however the carbon utilized by Abu Garcia could be a more sturdy possibility. created with a tri-directional woven fiber matt and 3M versatile rosin, this is often concerning as powerful as you’ll be able to build a rod. All of the fittings, cork, and poly on the rod are of comparable quality.

While this doesn’t take the highest spot, performance wise this casting rod could be a pleasure to fish. it’s going to lack distance however it makes up for it during a swish, nearly buttery forged. you’ll be able to still get many distance with nice accuracy however it’ll seemingly let down of the dearer C rods.


  • Nice Priced9.0
  • Strong carbon9.0
  • Silky smooth to cast10.0
  • Casting distance is shorter7.0

Most of the Premier series of rods fall in around seven to 7.5 feet long and every one are quick action. you'll be able to get power within the higher ranges, typically medium to significant. a decent alternative for Associate in Nursing well-rounded rod would air the a lot of versatile aspect around seven foot with a medium power. this can get you line weights from the mid-teens to the twenties

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8.8Overall Score

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