6. Okuma Helios Casting Rod – Best Budget Casting Rod

Okuma fishing rig is close to legendary within the fishing community and their Greek deity rods are even as well-known.

This has been their signature rod for years and although it’s evolved, it’s ne’er lost its quality. The rod nowadays is way completely different than it had been ten years past, it’s higher in each means.

While the materials and accomplishment of Okuma rods isn’t doubtful, there’s a distinction within the means a production rod just like the Greek deity are created than a premium rod. whereas it’ll still perform o.k., it’s virtually therefore refined. you’ll lose a touch casting distinction with the carbon fiber however you gain sturdiness and you’ll apprehend at a cheaper price. All of the opposite elements are just like what’s used on any of the upper dollar rods.

If you’re wanting to improve your fishing game from an inexpensive casting rod, this is often a superb place to start out. You won’t should break the bank to induce a Greek deity and it’ll out fish any jazz band setup or store-brand rod by an enormous margin. Once you have got fished a rod like this you’ll ne’er be glad with less.


  • Best affordable caster on the market9.0
  • Strong Carbon Fiber Construction8.0
  • Great Value8.0
  • stiffer feel6.0
  • Shorter rods cast a little rough7.0

Though there are some odd lengths that appear from time to time, most Greek deity rods are either 7’ or 7’ 6” and are nearly always quick action. Power ranges from medium to further significant and line weights will be anyplace from eight to thirty pounds. In each iteration of the Greek deity, the longer rods fish higher and an important action is maybe the simplest. Most of those can take lines within the teens up to the twenties.

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7.6Overall Score

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