Is Texting the New Email? American Workers

Texting currently boasts a ninety eight open rate (compared to twenty five for emails) and, with ninetieth of texts being opened among the primary three minutes they’re received, it’s no surprise that Americans are creating the shift to texting for business functions. The Burner team recently conducted a survey among yank employees to uncover simply what quantity texting is dominating the business communication landscape and the way workers extremely feel regarding texting for business.

Texting is a simple thanks to conduct business quickly, however it’s necessary to recollect that exploitation your personal range may be tumultuous and even dangerous once it gets into the incorrect hands.

In fact, seventy nine of yank staffreportable they receive text messages from senders they don’t grasp on a weekly basis and fifteenth receive quite twentytexts per week from unknown senders. 

Texting for business is additionally making challenges for girls specifically, sparking disagreeable or uncomfortable thingsamong colleagues.

 concerning sixty two of yank operating ladies reportable they generally feel uncomfortable with the concept of providing their personal mobile phone range to business contacts.

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