Phone scam seeking ransom money tells you your daughter has been kidnapped

Arizona officers are warning of a brand new phone scam that tries to steer those that their female offspring has been seize and that they should pay a ransom to induce her back.

The scam typically includes the sound of a “hysterical” feminine voice, a crying kid, or a male voice with a crying kid within the background, the Yuma local department aforementioned.

The caller asks recipients if they need a female offspring, so says she has been seize and needs a ransom to be free, police aforementioned.

After the scam was rumored to Yuma police on Wednesday, officers determined the one that the trickster claimed was seize essentially was “fine and not taken.”

A telephone number employed in the incident was half-tracked to metropolis, Nuevo León, Mexico, officers aforementioned. The rumored variety was 52-81-3043-963, police aforementioned.

Investigators determined the amount had been used many times to try to lure folks into giving cash, however it wasn’t like a shot clear if the scammers had received payments.

Police warned the general public to use caution of calls from unknown numbers, particularly ones from outside of the country, and to not offer out personal data if they answer an analogous decision.

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